Composite Technologies

Adherent Technologies, Inc. (ATI) offers several composites-related technologies that will impact the way that composites are fabricated, used, and repaired.

Reactive Fiber Finishes

ATI offers a line of fiber finishes based on a proprietary reactive coupling agent technology that provides covalent bonding to both the fiber and to the matrix resin. Benefits include:

  • Improved properties and durability
  • Carbon, silicon carbide, alumina, and Kevlar® fibers
  • Vinyl ester, BMI, polyimide, and epoxy compatible
  • Application to unsized or desized fiber
  • Direct integration into the carbon fiber manufacturing process.

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Composite Repair Primers

The increased use of composites in aerospace and commercial structures has created a need for more robust composite repair technologies. ATI has developed a repair primer for composites based on a proprietary reactive coupling agent technology that provides covalent bonding to bare carbon fiber surfaces and to adhesives commonly used for repair.

Current data show:

  • Up to 30% improvement in dry bond strength vs bonds prepared without primer
  • Up to 30% higher strength in moisture-aged bonds vs moisture-aged bonds without primer

While the development of these repair primers is still in the early stages, these results clearly show the opportunity for significant improvements in composite repair systems.

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Powder Towpreg

ATI has developed a process for the production of high-quality powder towpregs. Features include:

  • 100% solids — no volatile emissions
  • Ability to handle intractable or high melt viscosity materials such as polyimide
  • Incorporation of fillers
  • Compatibility with braiding, weaving, filament winding, and tow placement
  • Potential for high speed, lower cost processing with non-autoclave cure

High-quality powder towpreg has been manufactured using a variety of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer powders including polyimide, bismaleimide, epoxy, polypropylene, polystyrene, and nylon.

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